Finsif in brief

Finsif roots back to 2010 when it was established by 20 founding members. Up to date, Finsif has grown steadily having over 80 member organizations and the impact of over hundreds of billions of euros asset under management in total. The members are varying from smaller players (around 10 million euros of assets under management) to grand league (up to over 100 billion  euros of assets under management). About half of the members are asset managers, the second largest group is investors and the smallest group of members is service providers. The recognition of sustainable investment related issues has grown fast and this can be noted in our everyday work- the shift from defining  responsible investing, or explaining the related terminology, is no longer the focus of our work. Instead, more tools, phenomena and perspectives are needed to be shared. Moreover, Finsif is seen as a “neutral” platform where to exchange ideas and is wanted for meeting others on the “common grounds”. Finsif brings up new insight but does not stand for any specific ways how the members should put the views and tools into practice.

The work of the organization is lead by a yearly selected board of members and one employee, coordinator. In addition, some active members are sharing their knowledge and helping with projects. The board meets once a month and works is done pro-bono.

Finsif organizes events, collaborates with researchers and communicates the agenda for investors and related groups in Finland. The goal is to encourage members to integrate sustainable investment issues as a part of investment decision-making and evaluation processes.
In terms of sharing the knowledge amongst its members and broader audience, Finsif engages NGO´s and other stakeholders (FIBS Corporate Responsibility Network, Sitra, Finance Finland etc.) as speakers, bloggers, meetings etc.

Finsif is part of Nordic Sustainable Investment forum (Nordic SIF) -collaboration and attends and organizes annual meetings. Nordic SIF members (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden) gather together once a year to discuss the current work and key topics of sustainable investment. The annual Nordic SIF Forum is open to all Finsif members as well as to members of any other Nordic SIF organisations (Dansif, Norsif, Swesif).  Previously the forum was held in Finland 2016, Denmark 2017, Norway 2018, Sweden 2019 and Finland 2020 and 2021 Online. In 2022, the event will be held by Iceland for the first time 14-16.6.2022.
In addition to Nordic SIF collaboration, Finsif has an observer status at Eurosif and is following Eurosif´s work.

Finsif is conducting a study on Responsible Investing in Finland - Market Study 2022. Results will be out by the end of the year. Findings of  previous studies have been published in 2016 and 2019.

Responsible Investing in Finland - Market Study 2017 Summary in English Full version in Finnish

Responsible Investing in Finland - Market Study 2019 Summary in English
Full version in Finnish


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