Nordic SIF update 2020

Instead of holding a face-to-face meeting this year, the Nordic SIFs have made a joint presentation about our work. In August we will launch a Nordic SIF blog series, where each SIF will share their thoughts.This is a great opportunity for members and stake-holders to get to know the SIFs: who we are and what we do.

All Nordic SIFs are accelerating sustainable investing in their countries. SIF members are companies and organisations that are publicly committed to sustainable investing. We gather the members to discuss latest developments, publish reports and network. The SIF member pools are of different sizes but all are getting bigger.

To learn from each other and cooperate, the Nordic SIFs communicate regularly. Latest examples include: the Dansif-Finsif-Swesif publication Investor Reporting on Sustainable Development Goals (video coming soon), this 2020 update, sharing webinars this year and planning the Nordic SIF meeting 2021.

You are welcome to visit the Nordic SIF websites below to find out about our activities. We have some upcoming webinars in English and Scandinavian languages that are open to all Nordic SIF members. If not stated “open to all Nordic SIF members”, please contact the host if you are interested.







On behalf of the Nordic SIFs I wish you all a beautiful summer.

Virve Viertiö