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Finsif-Eurosif joint workshop on Net-Zero

23.11.2021 @ 10:30 - 12:00

How to align portfolios to Net Zero?

The Net Zero webinar is organized in co-operation with Eurosif. In the aftermath of COP26 we will be discussing whether net-zero commitments are genuine and substantive, and whether there exists measurable contribution to the long-term sustainability goals. Net Zero definition and different standards and frameworks will be presented. The road ahead will be discussed and different tools for alignment explained. Climate data disclosures will be analyzed and challenged.

The goal of our webinar is:

  • Identify asset managers’ and asset owners´best practices in the Finnish market, how are the strategic plans for portfolio alignment implemented, what are there interim milestones and metrics to track the evolution.
  • Foster a safe peer learning space and process among Finsif members to exchange ideas and concrete solutions to overcome challenges faced in implementing net-zero commitments in your organisations.


The event is open to Finsif members

The event is held in English


  • 10:30 Opening Remarks, Markus Lindqvist, Board Member, Finsif and Victor van Hoorn, Executive Director, Eurosif
  • 10:40 Setting the scene, Achieving net-zero: which challenges for investors?, Federica Casarsa, Policy Officer, Eurosif
  • 10:55 Achieving net-zero: The point of view of a Central Bank, Anna Hyrske, Principal Responsible Investment Specialist, Bank of Finland
  • 11:10 Achieving net-zero: The point of view of an investor, Miika Korja, Specialist, Climate and nature solutions, Sitra
  • 11:25 Achieving net-zero: The point of view of a data provider, Anja Ludzuweit, Vice President Climate Specialist, MSCI
  • 11:40 Debate, Moderated by Markus Lindqvist, Board Member, Finsif
  • 12:00 Conclusion, Markus Lindqvist, Board Member, Finsif

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10:30 - 12:00