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Kaupungissa tapahtuu- “Human rights – why should investors care?”

29.5.2019 @ 08:30 - 12:00

The complexity and multitude of social and human rights issues linked to a portfolio have long hindered investor’s ability to engage meaningfully on the “S” in Environmental Social Governance (ESG) leading to a situation where social and human rights factors have not yet received the attention and effort they deserve. Difficulties in measuring social performance as well as the lack of feasible tools have often been mentioned as reasons for focusing more on the E and G, rather than the S.

Recently, however, this paradigm has begun to shift, as new tools and a growing number of international guidelines and documents have made it possible for investors–from shareholder advocates to passive investors–to understand and act on social and human rights risks. For example OECD’s Responsible Business Conduct for Institutional Investors’ recommends that investors should screen for actual and potential links to adverse human rights impacts in their portfolios as part of their due diligence process. Despite the guidance and increasing consumer expectations, there is still a gap to fill in order for human rights due diligence to become a household name in the Finnish investment sector. Tapahtumasivuille




Kevätkokous koostaa niin vuoden 2018 toiminnan helmet kuin kokoaa Finsifin jäsenet yhteen.  Virallista osuutta seuraa vuosittainen teemaohjelma. Tänä vuonna päästään hands-on workshopin pariin,  jossa tarkastellaan vastuullisuuden näkökohtia ja kysymyksiä interaktiivisesti myös omaa laitetta (puhelin/läppäri) hyödyntäen! Workshop on ollut sen suorittaneiden kesken erittäin pidetty, joten ilmoitathan itsesi mukaan ennen kun paikat loppuvat.

“In this interactive session and presentation we use case studies to explore and discuss how biases, factors, and influences lead to weaknesses in how we process information which increases the risk of unethical behavior.”

-Can ethics be dangerous to your career?

-Why are the ethical issues investment professionals face today no different from the ethical issues faced by advisors, investors and analysts over the decades and centuries that financial markets have existed

-What should you do if you are asked to do something that you believe is illegal or unethical?


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The event can also be held in English upon request.



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CFA Ethics workshop

“How to do the right thing even if no one is watching”

-Mikko Niskanen, CFA

16:15 tilaisuus päättyy


eQ, Aleksanterinkatu 19, 00100 Helsinki


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08:30 - 12:00